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Some Of My Recent Valued Clients

Neuro Diversity Trainer, Reasonable Adjustment Coach, Job Coach and Inspirational Speaker with and for ADHD, Autism, Epilepsy & PTSD.  




My Neuro Divergence Awareness Talks & Training energise and inspire. 


All from the adult perspective and tailored to your theme and audience, but usually includes an employment, recruitment or customer focussed theme. 

Lets get talking. 


My talks and coaching for reasonable adjustments are unique and special because as the diagnosed person I am able to give you the inside perspective of my specific mental health conditions, being ADHD, Autism, Epilepsy and also PTSD.


Each talk is tailored to the audience and shows how neuro-diversity can be a positive for your organisation and sector, but always presented from the adult perspective of the conditions. 

With talks for employers for example, there will be information about reasonable adjustments to help with performance management and also the recruitment and induction process. 

Choose a talk for your needs and goals, whether it be condition specific or my story.

Your audience will be energised upon listening to the thought-provoking story of my triumph over adversity and so once back providing your business with their service your employees will be galvanised and more productive in helping your colleagues and customers who have mental health disabilities, which can only help to serve you in a positive way. Read my story summary here.

My Talks, Neuro Diversity Training, Job Coaching and Reasonable Adjustment Coaching closes gaps that MHFA leaves.

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne I travel across the UK including London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol, Leicester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Durham, Sunderland and all in-between.

Helping you to be more inclusive